Get in the Swing

Golf is a sport and like any other sport to play your best you need to train like an athlete. Most of the PGA and LPGA Tour players today are doing some kind of exercise to improve their overall physical fitness. This strategy can take many different forms. Some golfers like to work on increasing their muscle size and strength while others are more interested in mobility and flexibility.

A comprehensive plan should take into account all components required to swing a club athletically – strength, power, coordination, posture, mobility and flexibility. The best place to start is to get a golf fitness screen. This usually takes about 45-60 minutes to complete. The golfer will perform a series of different drills looking at mobility, flexibility, strength/stability, posture and coordination.  The results can be compared to averages from the PGA/LPGA tour players. It is also wise to have your swing evaluated with the physical screen. Now the golf fitness expert can look to see where there are “swing flaws” that may be related to the golfers body.

Many golfers are trying to do things in their golf swing and get into certain positions that their body is not capable of doing. Examples would be lack of mobility in the torso or hips. This makes it difficult to turn or pivot properly. Another major problem with golfers is loss of posture. According to the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) the most common swing fault in amateur golfers (70%) is loss of posture or “standing up” on the downswing. This leads to a loss of speed and a lack of consistency.

At BioSport Technologies we have designed and patented a golf training platform – the GolfPosturePOD™  to help golfers train while staying in posture. The golfer gets feedback and a feel while they perform drills and make a swing. With all training programs they should be individualized to the golfer. Many times doing some simple golf exercises and drills a few times per week can be very beneficial.

—Eanna Rushe MS, CSCS, CGFI, CES

Eanna Rushe, MS, CSCS, CGFI, CES, Sports Science

Eanna is the founder of BioSport Technologies LLC located in Greenwich, Connecticut. For the past 20 years Eanna has specialized in golf motion analysis, golf biomechanics and golf performance enhancement and personal training. He works with many MET PGA golf professionals and their students.

Eanna has a master’s degree in athletic training/sports science. Eanna is certified from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified medical exercise specialist (MES). He is the inventor of the GolfPosturePOD, a unique training platform to help all golfers maintain better posture throughout the golf shot.

Eanna has been featured on several television shows, including the CBS Early Morning Show, FOX CT, and Good Morning Connecticut. Eanna has been featured several times in Suburban Golf, Greenwich Magazine, and Golf Digest magazine. He also does a golf fitness/biomechanics segment for the PGA Tour Network on satellite radio.