zenoLink Golf

zenoLINK golf swing analysis
BioSport Technologies collects biomechanical data on golfers using zenoLINK. The golf motion is first captured on video. The two-dimensional video is then sent to the zenoLINK processing center where it is transformed into the three-dimensional anatomical representation of the golfer performing the golf swing. The data is then accessed by bioSport in a graphical and numerical format that allows performance analysis and movement pattern evaluation.

The golf data/report is divided into four areas of analysis:

  1. Power Generation – Kinetic Link
    Parameters include individual body segment speeds and their contribution to maximum club velocity.
  2. Stability – Platform for Accelerations
    Parameters include the measurement of the coordination of various muscle groups and body segments as they act together to provide a stable platform for accelerations. Specific areas include lower body and trunk.
  3. Muscular Loading – Dynamic Stretching of Muscles
    Parameters include the measurement of dynamic loading (stretch/shorten cycle) of the muscles and coordination between lower and upper body.
  4. Club Performance Outcome – The Measure of Efficiency
    Parameters include linear club head speed and angular (release) speed of the shaft. Maximum values and percent of maximum at impact.