Meghan-Grehan-GolfBioSport Technologies uses zenoLINK 3-D motion analysis technology to evaluate an athlete’s biomechanical performance. zenoLINK is a diagnostic tool. The information allows in-depth insight into performance and injury potential at a biomechanics level. It is used to identify and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the athletic motion. The data is crucial to the development of effective training and skill development programs. It is also very effective in monitoring the progress of a training program by comparing performance data from one point in time to another.



BioGolf-Swing-VestSport Technologies utilizes zenoLINK 3-D motion analysis technology, wireless real-time Body Motion System for golf motion analysis, ball flight tracking technology for golf and digital high-speed 2-D video analysis. The technology is used as a diagnostic tool. It is used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the athletic motion. This data provides insight into how an individual’s physical strength, flexibility, and coordination affect performance and injury mechanics.

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