Rick-Vershure-Golf-ProfessionalBiomechanics is the application of physiology and mechanical engineering to the human body. It allows us to measure movement patterns and quantify motion. Objective and quantitative biomechanical information is crucial to understanding an individual’s performance and injury potential for a given athletic activity.

BioSport Technologies utilizes biomechanical information to assess both performance and injury potential for its sports performance clients. This data provides insight into how an individual’s physical strength, flexibility and coordination effect performance and injury mechanics.


For a biomechanical description of golf swing mechanics
For more information about the technology used


3-D Biomechanical Analysis
BioSport Technologies uses zenoLINK three-dimensional motion analysis technology to evaluate performance for golf and many other sports. 3-D motion data helps to pinpoint mechanical breakdown that decreases efficiency and may also increase the risk of injury. Using this information a customized training program can be developed to improve athletic motion.

Information Analyzed Includes:

  • Body & implement speeds (club, bat, etc.)
  • Power generation process(Kinetic Link)
  • Power leaks